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15 Small Velvet Sofas Perfect For Compact Spaces

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15 Small Velvet Sofas Perfect For Compact Spaces
The days of beige, play it safe sofas are behind us, it seems we are all loving a little bit of velvet in our homes. This is one trend small space dwellers can fully embrace; so we’ve rounded up 15 of our favourite small velvet sofas. It doesn’t matter whether you like deep and squidgy, upright and traditional or mid-century modern; wrap it in velvet and your living room will ooze style. 
Small Velvet Sofas


  1. Arielle // Maisons Du Monde 
  2. Haggerston // Sofas and Stuff 
  3. Vandelli // Habitat 
  4. Amalfi //Debenhams
  5. Kant // Maisons Du Monde
  6. Carnaby // Debenhams
  7. Hampton // Sofas and Stuff 
  8. Crumble //Loaf for John Lewis
  9. Fenner//Habitat 
  10. Kant // Maisons Du Monde
  11. Scott// MADE
  12. Iggy //
  13. Baxter // MyFurniture
  14. Ashdown // Sofas and Stuff
  15. Isabel //  Habitat 

How to pick the right sofa 

If you are unsure which style will suit (and fit) in your living room check out our guide: how to choose the right sofa for your small living room.  The small velvet sofas at Sofas and Stuff would work well in narrow living rooms as most are less than 90cm deep. If you are blessed with a beautiful bay window, make the most of what would typically be dead space and squeeze in a love seat like the Arielle from Maisons Du Monde. Pick a sofa with legs and a minimal profile, as an easy way to create the illusion of space; even if you have picked a bright and bold velvet cover.
Pair your new sofa with mix and match cushions and you are ready to recline.  

If velvet isn’t for you, shop our full edit of small space sofas here.