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Get Ready To Swoon Over These Small Spaces

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Get Ready To Swoon Over These Small Spaces

Hands up if you use Airbnb as a source of home inspiration? Having a good old nosey at homes across the globe is a great way to get ideas for your small space. How do Parisians make living in a tiny studio flat look so sophisticated? New Yorkers nail functional, urban living and the Scandinavians show that when short on space, less is most definitely more. Airbnb features some amazing homes, but you really need to have a good hunt to find them amongst the myriad of white walls, Ikea Kallex units and pull out sofa beds. But there’s a new kid on the block with some jaw-droppingly good homes to snoop around. If you’re in pursuit of pint-sized perfection, then you need to check out the properties on the Plum Guide.

The Plum Guide curates the best vacation properties in cities across the globe. With only 1 in 100 homes being accepted and each subject to rigorous testing, you know you are going to find something special. Now, not every home on the Plum Guide is small, in fact far from it. You may want to skim past those 8 bedroom homes and head straight to their selection of one bedroom and studio apartments for rent. These properties demonstrate that you can create something really special, even if you only have 300sqft to play with. Here are some of our favourites: 

501 sqft in London

This East London home is anything but bland, the owners have been bold with the colour choice, which adds depth and contrast. Conventional wisdom in small rooms is to choose light colours. However, by painting one wall dark, you can trick the eye into thinking the room is larger than it is. The bi-fold doors also help add to the sense of space, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors.

London Studio Flat

Studio Flat London

Now, the real triumph in this home is the bed. In a small room you don’t always need to go simple, something over the top and deliberate can actually look better. Own the space you do have! 

London Studio Flat

See the property in all its glory here

350 sqft in New York.

This Upper East Side one bedroom studio is a perfect example of creating a simple but multi-functional space. Despite its petite proportions, there is still a separate workspace, living area and master bed. Clean lines, Mid-Century modern furniture and carefully hung mirrors make this space functional without feeling cramped.

 New York Studio Apartment

 New York Studio

Full details here.

300sqft in Paris

Creating a separate bedroom in a studio can be tricky. This Paris studio has added an internal window to create a little privacy without sacrificing any light. It is a refreshing change from Crittal dividers that have become increasingly popular in studio rooms.

Parisian Apartment  

Parisian Apartment

Parisian Apartment

See more of this dreamy studio here.

Do these homes make you want to grab a paintbrush or book a mini-break? For the former check out our guide to using dark colours in small rooms and these cool ideas to make your space feel bigger.