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How To Pick The Right Sofa For Your Small Living Room

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How To Pick The Right Sofa For Your Small Living Room
"Less is more, but smaller is not always the answer." | Terance Conran

Choosing a sofa for a small living room can be a minefield. If you go too big you will gobble up floor space. If you go too small you may find it impossible to ever fully recline in front of the TV. So how do you get it just right? 

Assess the shape and size of the room

Before you start browsing, consider the space you have to work with. What works in one living room won’t necessarily work for another. 

Narrow rooms 

If your living room could be mistaken for a corridor, choose a slim-line sofa. Sofas less than 80cm deep will preserve some floor space but still be comfy enough to relax. Sofas & Stuff do a great range of express delivery sofas all of which aren’t too deep.

Sofas for small rooms

Bay windows 

If you are blessed with beautiful bay windows you can squeeze in a loveseat or 2 seater, without having to waste valuable floor real-estate. 

Sofas for small spaces: love seats in baywindows

Low ceilings 

Low ceilings can make a small space feel, well smaller. Look for sofas with low backs to help give the perception of space. 

Multi-purpose rooms 

If your room needs to double up as a living/dining or studio space, a sectional sofa is a great way to zone the room. This may seem counterintuitive in a tiny space, but one big piece of furniture can actually stop a multi-functional area looking cluttered. Find out more here.

Small Space Sofas

Opt for block colours

A sofa is less distracting covered in a block fabric. The sensible option would be to choose a neutral colour, but if you go bold, opt for a smooth fabric and avoid patterns, this will stop the eye being drawn in too much. 

Show some leg

Lifting your sofa off the floor is an easy way to create the illusion of space. Sofas that go all the way to the ground feel chunkier and more imposing. 

Consider the sofa's footprint

Typically you should look for sofas with a compact profile that aren’t too deep. Watch out for sofas with chunky or overstuffed arms, as that will add bulk but not add the benefit of extra seating. A lot more retailers are offering ‘apartment sized’ ranges which have been designed with smaller homes in mind.


Nothing beats the feeling of waiting 12 weeks for the sofa of your dreams to be delivered to then be dealt the crushing blow of it not fitting through your front door. While sofa logistics might not be as fun as browsing, it saves a whole lot of heartache in the long run. This sofa measuring guide from habitat is a great place to start. 

Tight corners, narrow hallways and stairs are your nemeses, but with a bit of jiggery-pokery and smart decisions (like picking the sofa with removable legs), you will get that sofa across the threshold. 

For more inspiration, see our curated selection of the best sofas for small spaces.