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Multi-Tasking Furniture: 6 Desks That Double Up As Dressing Tables.

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Multi-Tasking Furniture: 6 Desks That Double Up As Dressing Tables.

Small space dwellers need to be super smart when picking furniture. Each piece needs to work that little bit harder: the sofa that becomes a bed, the bookshelf that acts as a room divider, the table that moonlights as a desk by day and a place to eat by night. Multi-functional furniture is the key to successful small space living so we begin this series with the best desks that can double up as dressing tables.

Squeezing in a workspace into a tiny flat, studio or apartment can be a little tricky. Without a spare room, many home offices end up being in the bedroom. Choosing a workstation that seamlessly blends with your bedroom decor is essential if you don’t want to feel like you’re sleeping at the office. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Murano Writing Desk, Brissi - £595

Multi-tasking small desks

If you like a touch of vintage French glamour, this writing desk would feel right at home in a luxe boudoir. There is ample desk space for a laptop and a few other office essentials. The drawers offer somewhere to stash lotions and potions so they won’t clutter the desk.

2. Floating Desk, Urbansize - £300

Small floating desk, multi-tasking desks

We bang on about how much we love Urbansize’s range of furniture for small spaces. This gorgeous oak floating desk would look super in a Scandi style bedroom. There’s ample storage space making it easy to transition from dressing table to desk. Floating furniture is also an easy way to create a sense of lightness and space in a smaller room.

3. Penelope Mini Desk, West Elm - £399

Multi-tasking desks, small oval table with marble top

The Penelope mini desk from west elm is seriously swoon-worthy and would look at home in any bedroom. The oval shape makes it feel less ‘worky’ so you can coordinate with your bedroom interior for a cohesive look.

4. Oak Lean-to Desk, Futon Company - £229

multi-tasking leaning ladder desk

Despite what the name suggests, the Futon Company does so much more than futons. They have an excellent range of affordable small space furniture solutions. This oak ladder desk takes up very little space because of the lean-to, making it an ideal piece for the bedroom. Pair with a comfy, but stylish chair and you’ll have a workspace where you won’t mind spending time.

5. Qubix Industrial Desk, MyFurniture - £269.99

Storage desk small
MyFurnitures' desk may bring back memories of school, but its practical design makes it a perfect multi-tasking desk/dressing table. Keep one side for work and the other for all your personal bits. We promise nobody is going to come and tell you off for having makeup stashed in your drawers.

GALA Glass Desk, Habitat - £379

Small glass desk
This is not one for the messy, but for those who believe in ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’ could really benefit from a perspex or glass desk if space is a little short. See-through furniture reads as if it is invisible so stops a room looking cluttered. In a bedroom, you’ll barely notice its there (unless it’s covered in stuff).

For more small space desks you can shop our edit from all your favourite retailers and small independent brands.

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Desks that double up as dressing tables