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Our Favorite Furniture for Small Apartments from Lulu and Georgia

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Our Favorite Furniture for Small Apartments from Lulu and Georgia
Image credit: Lulu and Georgia


Newsflash: Small space friendly furniture doesn't start and end with IKEA. (But don't get it twisted - IKEA is still the bomb.) Broaden your horizons and meet Lulu and Georgia, a trendy home decor brand based in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Their style is best described as modern bohemian and they pride themselves on having items that appear more like hidden gems in a thrift shop than a lame buy at a superstore. If you're shopping for an apartment and need to save space, this is an excellent place to go for unique pieces that won't crowd your compact living space. Let's jump right in with our top recommendations!


1. Lysanne Bookshelf

(Image credit: Luxe Decor)

Room divider bookshelf


This is PERFECT for those living in a studio or open concept apartment. You get all the storage of a bookshelf and the separation of a room divider. Add some potted plants, cute knick-knacks, and decorative bookends for extra visual interest. 


2. Delancey Floating Media Console

Light wood floating console table

The Delancey media console table floats above your floor space and keeps your room from feeling too stuffed and clunky. There are two hidden cabinets with shelving inside to hide all of your tech goodies and maybe some magazines you still need to cancel the damn subscription on... 


3. Andie Coffee Table

Round glass top coffee table

Glass furniture blends smoothly into your place, almost like it's not even there - ideal for a small apartment. Bonus: When you look at the table from above, the legs form a perfect star. We live for the details!


4. Prisha Rug, Stone

Prisha runner rug in narrow hallway

The Prisha rug is fairly popular and for good reason. This rug can add a lived-in, antique look to an empty-looking apartment. It comes in both a runner (for those narrow hallways you don't know what to do with) and an area rug. Despite what you may think, small apartments can still use area rugs.


5. Chambley Sofa, Light OakTwo Chambley couches in a living room

The Chambley sofa has one of the coolest sofas designs ever we've ever seen. It's very lightweight looking, so it won't add clunk to the room. But the best part? No need for a side table. It's already built into the side! It doesn't get any more space-saving than that.


6. Trenton Ladder

Trenton ladder against the wall with hat on top

This walnut-stained ashwood and steel ladder holds your throw blankets and jackets while also just looking adorable leaned up against your wall. It's also adjustable, so you can expand or collapse it to your heart's desire.

7. Chantilly Bistro Table, Carbon Wash

Chantilly bistro table in kitchen

Give your apartment a Parisian cafe look with this Chantilly dining table. More than likely, you won't be having huge dinner parties at your place. So it's a good idea to go for a smaller dining table. It may lack in size but it does not lack in sophistication by any means.


8. Maddie Bed, Black

Maddie black wire bed

The Maddie bed has black wire, which keeps your bedroom looking airy and clean. It also has longer legs, creating additional storage opportunities underneath. Go with light-colored bedding like in the photo and you can achieve a satisfying contrast!


9. Lark Floating Nightstand, Oak

Lark hanging nightstand in light oak

Most people don't require a lot of nightstand storage, so opt for something simpler like this Lark floating nightstand.


10. Kira Desk, Walnut

Kira desk in walnut

Scandinavian style furniture is practically made with small spaces in mind. This Nordic-inspired desk can fit in a tiny apartment and still has plenty of room to get your work done.

We hope you find something you like, for more small space inspiration, head to our Pinterest account