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Tiny's Home Tour: 590 Sq Ft Home with a Mid-Mod Flair

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Tiny's Home Tour: 590 Sq Ft Home with a Mid-Mod Flair

The Details

Occupants: Stacie Price, her partner Chris, and their kitty, Gladys

Location: South East London

Rent or own: Owned for 9 months

Size: 590 sq feet

Image creds: Stacie 

When we first laid eyes on Stacie's place, the first word that came to mind was "cool." There's a cool ambiance, from the hanging guitar on the wall right down to the black and white throw pillows and carpet. We had to approach her and get her tips on how to achieve this fun look!

What are three words you would use to describe the theme of your home?

Modernist, Maximalist, and Eclectic


Small living room with blue and pink velvet sofas

What were your biggest design inspirations?

Music, street art, and 50’s - 60’s mid-century modern design

 Blue velvet couch with stack of books beside a houseplant

Have you had previous experience with small spaces?

Yes! Before we moved here, we lived in a studio flat in Greenwich. As far as studio flats go, we were lucky to have a separate bedroom area and actually we got on ok with it, however, it is so nice to be able to close the door on each other now!


Pink velvet couch with stack of books underneath

What has been your biggest struggle while designing?

Deciding on one particular style - On one hand, I love minimal, Scandi decor, muted colours and simple form and design, but I also love bright colour, prints and having lots of things! Finding a balance between the two can be hard.

I think we’ve mixed the two quite well in our bedroom - we’ve only used pink (setting plaster by Farrow and Ball), white and black in the decor and green from some plants.

Even though the bedroom is much more paired back than the living room and kitchen, the paint effect on the wall makes it feel a bit more us!


Tiny kitchen with white tile backsplash and chandelier

What are your tips on conquering a cramped environment?

Cliche but smart storage - our bed is way higher than your average, leaving lots of space for storage boxes, modular shelving, and wardrobes that you can put together exactly how you need them. Multi-use furniture is a lifesaver - our coffee table is also a storage box, we store our spare duvet in there - the spare duvet that’s used for the sofa bed - another super handy thing to have when you’re in a small space.

I also find using wall art and prints to create some interest really works in a small space - if you want to have a fun, colourful room with lots of personality, get some prints on the wall! A gallery wall can inject tons of personality and colour without taking up any space.


Pale pink and white bedroom with a white bed comforter

Where do you like to shop for apartment-friendly furniture and decor?

Lots of our big furniture is from Made, Swoon and good old Ikea - you can’t deny that Ikea is great for modular furniture that’s purse-friendly! A few of our Mid-Century pieces have been handed down from family or we’ve brought from places like Vintique - a mid-century furniture dealer based in Peckham, South East London.

Mid-century furniture can look big and clunky but actually, it’s often designed to be made smaller or hidden away - like our G Plan dining table, it can fold down when you’re not using it. And our stacking side tables.. they’re so handy for when you have guests over!

We love indie brands and boutiques for our home accessories and prints - our ultimate favourite boutique in London is W.A Green.

Trouva is really great place to find indie brands and boutiques too!


Bedroom side table with house plant

Why do you love living in a small space?

We’re both out a lot so there’s no need to have a huge place and despite it not being massive - the huge windows and the view looking over the Thames makes it all worth it. You don’t get a lot of bang for your buck in London so you kind of need to make the best of what you can get!

Of course, I have my moments when I’m screaming ‘I need more space!!’ but don’t we all 😊


White bathroom with gray tile and accents

If you want to swoon a little further you can scroll Stacie's Instagram: @costadeldeptford.

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