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Space-Saving Storage For Small Kitchens

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Space-Saving Storage For Small Kitchens

Small kitchens can be incredibly frustrating. There is never enough space to stash your pots and pans, let alone your weekly shop. If you live in a rental, a kitchen remodel is out of the question; so how can you add some space-saving storage to save your sanity? Fortunately, there are loads of smart storage solutions on the market, that not only look good but are also budget friendly. Here’s a roundup of some of our favourites.

Space-Saving Kitchen Storage




ONE - storage baskets
TWO -  kitchen cart
THREE - curved hooks
FOUR - magnetic fridge organizer
FIVE - magnetic kitchen organizer rack
SIX- metal rolling utility cart
SEVEN - block pegboard
EIGHT- three-tier wall mounted wire baskets
NINE - kitchen countertop rack
TEN -stackable glass storage jars
ELEVEN -narrow rolling kitchen cart
TWELVE - under shelf storage rack
THIRTEEN -over the sink roll-up dish drying rack
FOURTEEN -expandable kitchen counter organizer 

FIFTEEN - rolling storage with wheels

When figuring out how to squeeze in extra storage into your kitchen follow these tips:

1. Utilize dead space.

Most kitchen cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling, so make use of dead space by adding some storage baskets. This is a great way to free up cupboard space by storing kitchenware you only use occasionally.

2. Make the most of magnetic surfaces.

If you don’t have any free wall space, use the front and side of the fridge to attach magnetic kitchen organisers. If you live in a rental and can’t make holes in the walls, this is a game changer.

3. Slide under shelves

The space between the kitchen cabinets and countertop can also be utilized. If you have a small kitchen, you’ll want to keep the worktop as clear as possible, so invest in some under shelf storage that can hold utensils, kitchen paper and spices.

4. Wheel it out the way

A cart on wheels is an easy way to create more space, but also adds a little flexibility if you need to move it around.

5. Layer it up.

Get more into your cupboards by investing in one of these.

For more space-saving kitchen storage ideas, shop the full edit here