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The Best Beds For Small Bedrooms

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The Best Beds For Small Bedrooms

You may be surprised by the best beds for small bedrooms

It shouldn’t really matter how small your bedroom is, the function of the room is to provide somewhere to sleep. If you have room for a bed, that should be sufficient, right?  Unfortunately, for most small space dwellers, the bedroom also needs to be the place to store lots of stuff, maybe share with a workspace or entire living area if you live in a studio. There is no blueprint for the best bed for a small bedroom. Those ‘bedrooms’ or glorified cupboards, depending on how creatively the estate agent marketed it, come in all different shapes and sizes and each presents its own small space dilemma.  So how do you choose the bed that’s right for you?

Storage beds - for those with lots of stuff

Storage bed for a small space

Small bedrooms are the nemesis of people who like to hoard, so a storage bed makes a lot of sense, utilising what would typically be dead space. Fortunately, storage beds are a lot sexier then they used to be, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for function. A wooden bed frame with matching drawers would look good in both modern or more traditional interiors. For those who don’t like dropping to their hands and knees every time they want to retrieve something, an Ottoman bed could work well. Alternatively, pick a simple bed frame that is a little higher off the ground so you can store baskets underneath.

Browse our favourite storage beds for small bedrooms here.

Custom or odd sized beds - for awkward proportions

A common theme for ‘second’ bedrooms in most urban homes is that the second bedroom probably shouldn’t really be a bedroom at all. But if you need to create a space for guests to stay how do you make it work? The first thing to consider is; what is the smallest bed you are willing to have in that space? If you aren’t willing to compromise on a ‘double’ could you save a few cms with a shorter bed frame?

If you can just about squeeze in a standard sized double, save yourself a bit of space by choosing a bed where the mattress sits on top and not sunken into the bed frame. This could be the difference between fitting in a double bed or not, so worth investigating.

Finally, the idea of ‘custom’ might scream expensive but you would be surprised. Some of the smaller, independent brands will do a custom bed and mattress starting at about £75 extra. Check out this, this and this as a starting point.

Multifunctional and wall beds - for dual purpose rooms

If your bedroom needs to double up as a guest room/home office, multifunctional furniture can help you seamlessly transition from one use to the next. A Murphy bed has a very minimal footprint when not in use, and is a great space-saving option for studio flats. The Murphy bed has come a long way in the last 50 years, and this might convince you to consider one in your home.

Sofa beds work well when you don’t have a spare room, but we are still on the hunt for one that is comfy enough to warrant being the primary seating in the house. Finally, while the thought of climbing a ladder onto a loft bed might make you feel like a 14-year-old, they are a great space saving option if you have a very small room and need sleeping and desk space.

Platform Beds - for rooms with low ceilings

Low Platform Bed

Platform bed from:  Get Laid Beds

For those with attic, loft or just low slung ceilings to contend with, a platform bed could be the one for you. With your bed being closer to the floor, the room will feel bigger. A platform bed, however, is not ideal if you don’t have other storage options, so consider its practicality first.

Statement beds - to own the space

Statement bed small space Image credit: Simon Upton, Veranda Magazine via House & Garden

Sometimes you’ve just got to own it. Small space, so what!  A sleigh bed or canopy bed (yes a four-poster in a small room can work) looks good too. A statement bed can add a bit of glam to a small room and make it extra cozy. Just make sure you don’t over clutter or have overly fussy furniture in the rest of the room.

You can start the hunt for your perfect bed here.