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bedside shelf
bedside shelf
Small bedside shelf


Small Bedside Shelf - Mint



This eye-catching wall shelf from the Danish brand, HAY would make a great small bedside shelf. It is made from a single piece of powder-coated steel. This one is a delicious minty green, but it is available in a range of pastel colours. 


W 33, H 16.5, D, 33cm

Tiny's Tips

HAY's products are always really versatile which is why we think this would make a great small bedside shelf. It has a multifunctional mount so you can hang in difficult and awkward locations - such as corners. If your bed is pushed against a wall you could hang along the wall or tuck in the corner (hang high enough, so you don't hit your head) giving you enough room to store your alarm clock, book etc.

If you can't find what you are looking for by searching for ' small bedside tables' try thinking outside the box. Shelves make a great, stylish alternative.