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13 Wall Shelves That Work As Tiny Bedside Tables

Wall shelves that work as tiny bedside tables

The search for nice, small space furniture is a time consuming and frustrating one. While many retailers are cottoning on to our pint-sized plight, with ranges of ‘studio sized’ sofas, the market for tiny bedside tables is lagging behind. The sobering scroll for nightstands is a reminder that our favourite furniture brands think we all live in sprawling country piles and not pokey one bedroom flats.

In lieu of a generous supply of ready to go nightstands, small space dwellers need to get a little creative, so why not hunt out a stylish looking wall shelf that could moonlight as a tiny bedside table instead.

It seems there is an infinite number of shelves to swoon over, so here are 13 of our favourites to get you started.

  1. 1. The Pivot Wall Shelf from Hay - £59

This shelf is a little mind-boggling as it can be configured and attached to the wall in multiple ways, making it perfect for those awkward spots and corners.

Small bedside table ideas
  1. 2. Pelican Shelf with Hidden Hooks by Woodendot - £64.16

These rather nifty shelves offer just the right amount of space for your night time essentials with the additional benefit of concealed hooks for more organisation. They come in 3 sizes and 5 different finishes, you can find them at Clippings.
Tiny Bedside Table - Pelican Shelf

3. Modern powder coated shelf by Umbra -£11

Umbra makes really affordable homewares, and at £11 this shelf is an absolute steal. It's deep enough to hold some of your favourite books and alarm clock. Attach a clip-on night light, and you’re good to go.

White bedside Shelf

4. Ledge:able Shelf by Anne Linde - £78

This is the second, but definitely not the last shelf found at Clippings to feature in this list. This Ledge:able shelf is simple, doesn’t take up much space and is so stylish. It is made from coated powdered steel, making the shelf magnetic which is super handy.

Tiny Bedside Shelf - scandi style
  1. 5. Menu, Gridy Fungi Shelf - £52.95

The Gridy Fungi shelves are modelled on the shelf fungus that grows horizontally out of trees. If you like the idea of bringing the outside in, then these would make a cute addition to your bedroom.

Tiny Bedside Table - Fungi Shelf

6. Untitled Pocket  -£90

Thanks, Clippings for another gem! We love the extra hanging space for your keys and other miscellaneous ‘bits’ that always seem to accumulate on your bedside.

Tiny Bedside Table - Multifunctional Shelf

7. Strum Wall Shelf, Umbra - £10

If your priority is to have your reading material to hand this copper wall shelf would be a nice option.

Tiny Bedside Tables
  1. 8. Jett Wall Shelf, Normann Copenhagen -£149.80

  3. If you are tight on space, you could forgo a nightstand and opt for a shelf above the bed. Just attach a clip-on lamp and keep your favourite tomes to hand.
Tiny Bedside Table - narrow shelf

9.Corner Box Shelf, Etsy -£40.86

If your bedroom has just enough room for a bed, you don’t really have many options when it comes nightstands. As a compromise, this corner box shelf hung a little higher than head height could give you access to everything you need without having to clamber out of bed to get something.

10. Triangle Wall Shelf, Etsy - £15

Make a statement with this triangle shelf from Etsy.

Tiny Bedside Table - Triangle Shelf

11. Small Brass Shelf, Fog Linen - £32

Need a really tiny bedside table? This teeny shelf would require you to prioritise, so pick your favourite item carefully!

Tiny Bedside Table - Brass Shelf

12. Angui Shelf, AYTM - £226

Satisfyingly smooth, the Angui shelf comes in a range of unusual colours like Bordeaux, Rose and Forest as well as multiple sizes.

Tiny Bedside Table - Smooth Shelf

13. Mossland Picture Ledge IKEA - £5

Ikea hacks are seriously satisfying, and this is a simple one. Run the picture ledge on the wall parallel to your bed, and you have a thin bedside shelf with room for a book, glass of water and alarm clock. If attached to a white wall you would barely notice it.

  • So there you have it, our favourite wall shelves that can moonlight as a tiny bedside table. For more inspiration see our 7 space-saving alternatives to a traditional nightstand.

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