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Meet The New Superheroes of Small Space Furniture


If you live in a small space, you’ll know how frustrating it is hunting for furniture that fits. Everything available is either too big, too wide or too deep. You find yourself in a cycle of ordering something online; it gets delivered, it doesn’t fit, you ship it back, you start the search again. Fortunately, there is a growing number of up and coming brands that offer amazing solutions for small space dwellers, either deliberately or by design. These five, in our opinion, are the super-heroes of small space living.


Paris based TIPTOE makes modular table legs and brackets, in multiple colours that can be used to create bespoke tables and shelves. Just pick your legs, brackets or combination of the two, find the top of your choice and clamp together. Bespoke furniture has never been more accessible, or more affordable.

Prices start at about £22 for brackets and £32 for legs; they ship all over.

Small-space credentials

TIPTOE'S appeal is two-fold:

1. Custom furniture that fits

Standard sizing doesn’t really work in petite pads, so the ability to build a piece of furniture to your exact specifications is a lifesaver. For inspiration check out their customers’ creations on their website. Floating bedside tables, floor to ceiling shelving, corner desks and narrow workbenches will show just how versatile their products are.

  • 2. Furniture that evolves with your space

The beauty of TIPTOE'S modular legs and brackets is that they can evolve with you, your taste, space and needs. You may live in a small home now, but that doesn’t mean you will live in a studio flat forever. As you scale up, your furniture can too. That desk could become a family dining table by just changing the top. Or that console could be reimagined as a coffee table. You and your furniture can live multiple lives together, and there’s something quite special about that.


Sisters, Becca and Jess, launched Mustard together from opposite sides of the globe, bringing the most stylish lockers to homes in Europe and Australia. If you like industrial style furniture and have a penchant for punchy colour palettes, then these lockers are for you. They come in two sizes, the Skinny and Shorty currently available in six delicious colour ways: mustard, blush, white, olive, slate and navy.

Prices start at £199 for the Skinny and £129 for the Shorty.

Small-space credentials

If you have limited space, vertical storage is the way to go, and Mustard’s skinny lockers are the best looking lockers out there. They take up very little floor space, but at 183cm high, you get a surprising amount of storage. The lockers come with four adjustable shelves, removable hanging rails and hooks so you can customise to your exact needs.

These lockers are super versatile for small spaces and can be used in every room in the house. For example, you could use as an alternative to traditional wardrobes by lining a few up next to each other or if the floor-plan is tight, separate and dot about the bedroom. If you need more storage in your kitchen, but don’t trust yourself to keep open shelving tidy, then a locker would make the perfect pantry. Use the hanging rail to hang saucepans and utensils and the shelves for store cupboard essentials.

The Shorty would also make a great bedside table or additional under desk storage. Oh, and don’t forget the matching baskets, because you can never have too many baskets.


In line with the very international theme, up next is Warsaw-based Tylko. Tylko is bringing perfectly fitting shelving to homes across Europe. You’re in charge of the design; change the height, width and depth of the unit, add shelves, doors and drawers. Build bespoke furniture to your exact specification then use the augmented reality app to visualise exactly how it will look in your home before you buy.

You can design wall storage, sideboards, bookcases, chest of drawers, shoe racks and more.

Custom Bookshelves
Custom shelving unit

Small-space credentials

There are typically two small space challenges if you live in a tiny home: 1) Having enough storage to house all your ‘stuff.’ 2) Making the space you do have, feel spacious.

To solve problem one, you usually invest in more furniture, but that can make your space feel overly cluttered and exacerbates problem two. A less visually intrusive option would be to build one custom storage unit that fits your space, enter Tylko.

Tylko gives customers the ability to build something that fits your individual needs and possessions exactly. Depending on the size and style it works out a bit cheaper than having a carpenter make fitted storage in your home plus you get the bonus of taking it with you when you move.


Urbansize creates stylish, ‘urban sized’ furniture. Think floating desks and bedside tables, designed to fit into smaller spaces. This family-run business recognised that ‘small, functional furniture seemed to be seriously limited’ so decided to fix the problem. If you like minimalist, scandi style furniture, built specifically with smaller proportions in mind, then Urbansize is your new go-to.

Prices start at £75 for a bedside table and £180 for desks.

Floating bedside table

Small Space Credentials

This is a bit of a no brainer; the brand name says it all! They have a great range of floating furniture to choose from which works really well in smaller rooms. Floating furniture and fixing it to the wall is a simple trick to make the space seem bigger. Legs add clutter, so lifting furniture off the floor lets you get more pieces into a room (which could be the difference between having a bedside table or not) but also frees up the area directly underneath to add additional storage if needed.

On a separate note, Urbansize are taking steps to become a more sustainable business which is great to see. You can find more information on how they are doing this here.


For any Marie Kondo convert, looking for smart ways to declutter and organise their home should take a look at Japanese born Yamazaki. They make a range of incredibly useful storage options at really good price points. Think magnetic kitchen shelves, free standing clothes racks and minimalist side tables.


Small Space Credentials

The Japanese are masters of small-space living and Yamazaki’s range encompasses this. Their kitchen solutions are particularly useful for those living in rented flats as you can add more storage without having to redesign the kitchen.

You can shop Yamazaki’s range here.